21er - 22er - 23er Board 1,7Veff. Output


The simplest variant of a serial device to increase with or without the exchange of the coupling capacitors, the output voltage is the exchange of only two resistors. To obtain an output voltage of 1.7 V rms. Due to the low supply voltage of the op.-amp. of only 5 volts is not possible to further increase. Unless you work with DC / DC converter and replace the Op.Amp. as already described on the previous page.

just replace the yellow marked 18kohm resistors with 27kOhm SMD size 805, and done!

Beim 11er Board gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten die Ausgangsspannung zu erhöhen.

1. Einfach nur den Widerstand, rot gekennzeichnet, entfernen. Ausgangsspannung = ca. 1,5Veff.

2. Die gelb gekennzeichneten Widerstände ersetzen durch 7,5Kohm = ca. 1,7Veff.


Published on  March 10th, 2015